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Marine Air Conditioning

Marine air conditioning systems must perform under the toughest conditions. A precise concept and perfect design are necessary aspects of designing an air conditioning system that must perform at all times. Due to nearly 70 years of experience in the marine HVAC industry, Möhring Marine Service GmbH has gained a lot of experience in supplying high-quality air conditioning systems for this demanding sector. Moreover, Möhring Marine Service GmbH is able to design all systems in compliance with national and international regulations.

Energy and Cost Saving

Reducing the environmental impact of the marine industry is a hot topic. Möhring Marine Service GmbH offers energy and cost saving possibilities whenever possible. By designing HVAC systems in a smart way, recycling cooling water and/or energy, and including energy-saving products we can make a great difference.

An Individualistic approach

Möhring Marine Service GmbH supplies marine air conditioning for all kinds of vessels, from private superyachts to freighters and naval vessels. All these vessels require an individualistic approach. Möhring Marine Service GmbH custom-builds all systems in-house. Frequently supplied marine air conditioning equipment includes:

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